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Sending mission and marketplace workers to live and love like Jesus, and to help others do the same.

Today, the least-reached are hidden in the shantytowns of major cities and the high rises of affluent capitals. We need pastors to reach them, but we also need accountants, designers, musicians and farmers—people committed to loving others and sharing God’s transformative truth, wherever life happens. “I really believe that the collaborative relationship we have in Therefore Alliance is a beautiful demonstration of the love we ought to have for one another and the unity in diversity that Jesus so desires for his church.”

—Dale Losch, President

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We send Christ followers to join gospel-centered movements of redemption and grace that flow through the church in Latin America.

Our work exclusively in Latin America for over a century has brought a depth of cultural awareness and richness to our relational network; these qualities are vital for the multiplication, and beautification, of the church today. “We’re about God’s work. We’re not in competition with each other. We’re not even rivals. …How do we yield to what God wants to do, not in any one of us, but in all of us.”

—Kirk Ogden, Executive Director

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TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)

We help churches send missionaries from anywhere to spread the gospel everywhere.

Our global reach has been branching out for more than 125 years. We have a passion to go where the most people have the greatest need. Proclaiming the gospel in word and deed is our aim and our vision is to see the church of Jesus Christ multiplying and transforming communities around the world. “We do face a lot of challegnes in our future, and they’re focused on the reality that one person in one place cannot solve them alone. By working together, we can much more effectively and quickly solve these problems that we all face.”

—Dave Hall, International Director

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Making Jesus followers of the billlions in the world who have no access to the gospel of grace.

For more than 75 years, SEND has labored to make disciples among those who have not yet heard, or seen and embraced, the hope of Christ. Billions in our world, whether people groups of thousands or sectors of society hidden in major cities, remain untouched by the gospel. SEND specializes in reaching those “unreached” by Christ, and seeing among them dynamic churches established and reproducing.
“The spirit of unity, and really being one, speaks to the culture that this Alliance is trying to create.”

—Michelle Atwell, US Director

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